I mean, there's a lot of reviews and we know what to expect but yeah I wanna post a review out of boredom.

Price: 10/10
Bought 2 on a 70% off. One pair for me, one pair for my cousin. Came to £30 each with reprint warranty included. Perfect pricing. Hella cheap.

Shipping: 9/10
First order came really fast. Took 6 days for him to have them printed. (I assume he was editing the photos and such so it took longer) From the 6 days it took about 4 to be delivered or something ridiculously short. Once I got them, I sort of fucked up with the matte spray. I agreed for a reprint with him and for him to apply new sigs to the newer cards. He sent but didn't apply the new sigs. They took about 2 days to print and send. From there it was around 3 or 4 days again to be delivered. This time I had my shit taken by the mother. She showed me a photo of them and I saw that the new sigs weren't applied to the cards. I emailed reprints once more and he said he'd make sure to apply the new sigs this time. This is where the one negative point comes in. The latest package took around a week longer than usual for me to receive. Gave me a bit of a scare with customs and such, but eventually they came. This is less a fault of g0d and more the carrier though.

Stealth: 7/10
2 times barely any stealth. Third time a decoy was involved. Won't detail it for obvious reasons.

Surnames: 8/10
All the cards received were aligned fine the first time. Can't speak about the second time because you know, they got took. Third time they're kinda further right than usual. Barely noticeable though.

Raised Text: 8/10
To be fair, the raised text is pretty strong on my batches. Not necessarily fell off from wallet insertions and such, just the first time fell off due to me scratching. (Already killed the holos with matte spray so was just wondering how strong it would be.) It is darker than the real raised text and is slightly more to the right than I'd like on one of my current cards. It's inconsistent whether or not they're aligned correctly. A bit of an issue but again, not a major deal breaker.

Photos: 10/10
First cards had no box outline on the card. Basically a PNG of my face (Clear as day, mind you.) Newest reprints have the box around the image. It's not really strong but it's much better than no box effect. Image is clear on both my card and my cousin's. Went to a booth but used my phone. Seems perfect.

Template: 9/10
Although it's the best template offered for UK DLs, it's not perfect by any means. The colouring is slightly darker than a real I think. The bendy ones I had seem to be lighter colour than the non-bendy reprints I have now. Not majorly noticeable and didn't hinder me picking up some voddy at a shop so can't complain too much.

UV: -/10
No UV light. I've seen reviews and some people show it to be sort of weaker on the flowers and stuff. I assume mine is probably the same. Again, can't complain considering the price and the fact the UK isn't a priority to g0d.

Holograms / Security: 7/10
Front wheel holo is pretty much perfect. The squiggly line thing and the steering wheel under the flag kind of stand out too strongly compared to when I looked at my friend's real. Lenticular is dead on the back but every fake is flat there so it doesn't really matter to me what he does with it.

Signature: 7/10
I personally advise to not get a generated signature. They look too much like a font and I feel as if they'd be picked up on by bouncers and maybe even shop staff. My own signatures I sent in afterwards are perfect on my card. They're slightly stretched on my cousin's but they'd do. They're also kind of bold compared to how they may be on real DLs.

Lamination: 7/10
First thing everybody knows about the lamination: Too glossy. This stays as a concern to me because I worry quite a bit handing a fake to somebody. If you stop focusing on what's on the card there becomes a mirror effect almost when looking at it. (Reflective) There also seems to be strings or something where the card is badly cut on mine. It seems that when I rub my finger across them to the point of friction burn, they pretty much go away. My corners were also cut very badly. Some have a lot of plastic hanging from them, and others becoming almost straight because of how bad the curve is on the cut. Sand paper helped with one but on the other it sort of caused the laminate to fuck up and it's become discoloured in the corner. Not really noticeable but in some light angles it may become noticeable to somebody inspecting the card. A non-bendy, non-glossy g0d would be perfect to me. Couldn't give a fuck about lenticular imo because it's scarce for people to check it. The laminate also seems to stain quite easily. Rubbing some dirt off the card can cause a light mark and it picks up finger prints verryyy easily.

Presentability: 10/10
For the situation Fake ID's are in with Britain, this is the best of the best. I would appreciate some changes but as this is what's our best at the moment, we have to make do with what we've got. It works a lot and we have to appreciate that for now. Changes are welcome but not really required. The template is great and I can't complain a whole lot.

Usability: 9/10
Definitely passable in shops and even venues depending on area and bouncer training. There is no sellers for proper fakes in my town so it may even work in venues. (I'll have to test) Worked in BargainBooze for me and I got some smirnoff, (70cl for £12.99, banging deal.) and cigarettes for my friend.

Overall: 8/10
I'd appreciate some changes. Definitely a laminate change to something less glossy (But keeping a sturdy base. I don't know if this is possible but I'd definitely welcome this) I've definitely learned to make my own signatures and what to be careful with on the card. (So I don't accidentally scratch off any security feature.) I'm happy with how it is for now but I do feel he can improve on it with feedback (Which he does have a lot of.)

Pics: https://imgur.com/a/CClWs0S