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Verified Vendors List (VVL)

Welcome to the Fake ID UK official Verified Vendors List (VVL).
All vendors on the 'Verified' or 'Newbie' list have been independently verified by the site administrators to ensure they are safe to buy from.

Verified Vendors

Vendors in bold have been trading successfully for a period of at least 12 months.
Vendors with a † ship from a foreign country outside of the EU.

Vendor Website Products Price ETA Verified
IDGod† UK & USA Driving Licence $150+ 3-4 weeks December 2017

FakeIDUK UK Driving Licence & CitizenCard (PASS) £50 1 week February 2018

Newbie Vendors

Vendor Website Products Price ETA Verified



Legal Novelty Items (not worth owning)

The websites below sell novelty products which are legal to own and safe to purchase. However, they are not recommended 'worth owning'.

Other Online Sources of Information

Retired (Inactive)

The Vendors below are previous Vendors who have now retired or become inactive.

Active Warnings

Confirmed Scammers

All of the websites below are confirmed to be scammers and will steal your money.