Pricing - 7/10
Bought this + a CIT card for £80 total, pretty good for just two IDs, but g0d on sale is just something else. I understand that the prices are on par with g0d's when buying 5+

Shipping - 9/10
Ordered on the 3rd, shipped on the 11th, arrived on the 14th (11 days total). I know he can sometimes be quicker but I asked him to ship by a certain date and they arrived early so I'm happy.

Stealth - 0/10
0 stealth, mum was asking questions but she's a fckin b1tch

Surnames - 6/10
Lined up perfectly, but the texture looks strange (omitted on pics, but see driving categories).

Raised Text - 7/10
I understand this is difficult to get right, but the text just looks super strange, texture looks too rough. Not as much yellow gunk surrounding the letters like g0d and it just about does the job.

Photos - 10/10

Template - 6/10
The front and back are different colours...
The front is way too blue, the back colour would do fine. The text on the right side of the front of the card says "provisional driving licence" repeatedly. The waves going across the front aren't very visible (more like the real ID) in comparison to g0d. The text above the EU flag in the corner is permanently visible, even more than g0d's

UV Overlay - 10/10
Got a cheap UV light, but seems on par with g0d and my real with a quick glance

Holograms and Security Features - 6/10
The front hologram is raised and could probably be peeled off, the lenticular is a better effort than g0d (it has lines going across but still doesn't change at all)

Signature - N/A
Didn't provide him with one

Lamination - 10/10
Waaaaaay less shiny than g0d's, makes bend perfect.

Communication - 5/10
Super quick response on wickr, was a pleasure to deal with until I had a problem with my CIT. After-sales service is 'different' to g0d's, but fair when you realise the type of operation he runs. If you get something so quickly, you can't complain too much about quality.

Usability - N/A
Not for me, hasn't been tried yet

Overall - 7/10
We needed IDs quick and that's the only advantage over g0d for the DL. Communication was amazing, but I feel the card just looks fake straight away due to the colour (although I'm colour blind so maybe it's just me). NOTE: These are pics not scans, the holo is coloured fine in real life just difficult to see on this pic.