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FakeIDUK CIT Card Review

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Pricing: (9/10)
Cheaper when ordering 1 ID than g0ds are, but are more expensive when ordering in bulk I suspect. Good though as should hopefully limit reselling and keep these working for longer. In reality £50 is very good when you consider the quality of this ID.

Shipping: (10/10)
Amazing shipping times, ordered Monday, card was made on the same day and photos sent to me. Arrived on Friday which is at least 3 or 4 times quicker than g0d.

Stealth: (11/10)
Arrived in a handwritten letter sized parcel. Perhaps slightly harder to explain to nosy parents, but the stealth inside is so good you will have no issues. Obviously can't discuss details but made me laugh for a fair few minutes and it would be hard to imagine how anyone could know what it was if looking into the envelope. Recommend highly if nothing else but to have a laugh.

Photo: (9/10)
If you look closely you can just about make out where the face was cut out, but in general is pretty spot on. Used a passport photo which I scanned in with a high quality scanner and is pretty flawless. Would recommend if you are worried about lighting etc.

Card: (10/10)
Solidly built, with no frayed edges or corners lifting up. Is flexible enough without seeming flimsy.

Template: (9/10)
Logos etc are all perfectly in focus and are not blurred. Colour has been mentioned previously to be a problem but looks close enough imo and bouncers see so few of them you should be sorted. Magnetic strip on back if probably not functional (haven't tried it), not that that matters as nowhere scans them like that.

Hologram: (9.5/10)
IT'S FLAT! Ran my fingernail over it and couldn't even feel the join. The hologram itself is identical to the jan issue cards. I guess my only issue is that on mine there is a very very tiny section missing from the side but honestly I only noticed this when shining a bright light at it and holding it about 10cm from my face. Very much doubt a bouncer would pick up on this.

UV: (10/10)
Very sharp and bright, would survive inspection from even the harshest of bouncers probably. My rear UV is the right one I think.
Scans -

Usability: (idk)
Only used once in a shop so don't really know, but I very much doubt it would fail at clubs and bars, at least until they catch onto them. The main issue I guess would be places not knowing to accept them, but with a bit of persuasion I reckon they'll work almost anywhere. They seem to be the first fake which actually doesn't have any issues whatsoever and are most likely as close to 1:1 as you will get. Haven't tried them on scanners but i'm taking other people's word for it that they pass.

P.S. shout out to FIDUK for being really nice and easy to work with, made ordering a charm and would highly reccomend.

Photo of front of card:

It has been pointed out to me that I was wrong and the back of the card should actually have no UV on it at all. I could possibly ask for a reprint but can't really be bothered as I doubt it'll affect the usability of the card.
Great review mate, cheers!
Hahahahhaha yeah I love the stealth man, so worth it. Usability wise i've made a few posts and can confirm it works very well, although your mileage may vary within your area etc.