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As requested by the man himself Diverge;) love you man will buy u bare pints if we ever meet and if my ID works

Template - 10/10
I don't have a card to compare it to, but everything is where it should be and I can see no major mistakes in the placement of things. Logos aren't blurry either. I'm sure it would be very hard to tell it's fake.

PASS Hologram - 5/10
The actual hologram itself is mint, looks just like the Jan issue of the real thing from what I can see...However, mine has white chunks missing and the edges aren't the best either. I was, however, one of the first to order and he has offered a reprint completely free of charge, so I'm very pleased. Like I said in GD, great guy.

Card - 10/10
Feels sturdy but nothing too extreme. I reckon bouncers and cashiers won't bat an eyelid at it's rigidity. Also a spoofed magnetic strip on the back, looks the business. i don't think they actually scan them anywhere so won't be an issue.

Photo - 7/10
Too much photoshop, left the side of my face is a bit jaggedy. When you're taking a photo, do it against a white backing with a decent phone. My 6 Plus just didn't cut it. Still though, mine really isn't bad enough to not pass so I'm not too bothered, just advising those ordering :)

Shipping - 10/10
Amazing turnaround time. Came within a few days of ordering. Huge advantage over g0d.

Stealth - 10000/10
Again, amazing. Better than g0d's I would argue. I can't disclose details, but overpay by a £1 and he'll do it for you. Me and my mate was laughing about it for a while because of who we got. Just honestly order it like this and you'll not only not have your parents not finding it but you might have a laugh as well. Anyways yeah, handwritten letters so flies through customs as well.

UV - N/A
I don't have a UV light. Mine was one of the early ones and I've been advised the back UV is incorrect, but my new one is right so no complaints here. Will probably pass a quick test from bouncers etc.

Usability - N/A
I honestly don't know. My local club says it accepts PASS cards, my worry is that it might get eye raped, which is why I contacted him for a reprint. I'd say it's a safer bet than g0d's as they just won't know what to look for. I believe these pass scannet as well, but can't confirm that. Correct me if wrong admins!
What I'd recommend to you all is if the bouncers questions you, say you got it in Jan because your mate lost his wallet at a venue and his DL went with it. Say it was a pain to get a replacement and you didn't want to be in the same situation so you ordered a CIT card back in Jan, as they're cheap to replace. Make sure you know how much the real things are :) Don't get angry with them, just be calm and confident and try to pop your point across. If they're not having it because it isn't venue policy, call it quits and just get out of there, if they think it's fake then do a wilk and nash.

It's worth noting that for some reason on my second card my middle name, an abbreviation was added. For example instead of Powell it’s just ‘P’. (Not me real name that lol dw) however I do believe this is what they do on the real ones also so good work lads!

First Card:


Also it was bimf today wasn't it man i'm sweatin like idg0d in wilks house
Just ordered mine today and the pics look goood, thanks for the information on using it v helpful guide.
Good review mate go buy a pint whilst this heatwave lasts
No worries lads:))
Yeah, I reckon this is the future for now. Nobody will know how to check if they’re fake, and despite em been cheap I don’t think they’ll flood.

Aye mate tomorrow night I’m gagging for a VK
No worries man. I posted in GD and /r/Leniency about usability for anybody that wants to know.