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Pricing - 10/10
Perfect pricing, not too expensive nor too cheap.

Shipping - 10/10
Ordered on Saturday 7th, they were produced and received pictures of them on Sunday and were posted out Tuesday. Received them today (Friday 13th) Over all took 6 days from ordering to receiving. Would of been quicker but I ordered on a weekend and Monday was a bank holiday in FIDUK's Country.

Stealth - 8/10
No stealth was used so be cautious if you have nosey parents, but he is able to use a decoy if you pay £1 extra.

Photos - 10/10
Took my photo against a white wall, FIDUK editied it to make it look exactly how it's meant too on a genuine citizen card.

Template - 9/10
Everything is where is should be, all logos and text is aligned good and the back of the card has a spoofed mag strip which looks real. Although the overall colour could be a bit bolder but not noticeable at all.

UV Overlay - 10/10
Not much to say about this, UV is how it should be on the front and back - Pictures attached
EDIT: I just realised that the UV on the back of the card is wrong, I have been in contact with FIDUK and he has offered a replacement

Holograms and Security Features - 10/10
The hologram on the card is near 1:1, although the central "PASS" Writing on it could be more of a solid colour, rest of it looks perfect though.

Lamination - 10/10
Can see some sort of film on the card, not too shiny and not too matte. Looks just how a Citizencard should be IMO.

Presentability - 10/10
Looks like the real deal, don't see any defects in the card

Usability - N/A
Not really into clubs but my order was a resale order so will update this thread when one of the guys tries it out.

Overall - 9.5/10
Overall this card is perfect and in my opinion 1:1, contains all the features of the real thing. If you were waiting to see a review before purchasing one, then buy one now. You won't regret it!
is the hologram raised?
fraud wrote:
Fri Apr 13, 2018 2:12 pm
is the hologram raised?
Forgot to mention this, very slightly.