God v2

I'm comparing the ID to my real driving licence and am rating it against that rather than to other fakes on the market because God's are the best available fake id right now.

Shipping - 10/10
This was insanely fast on both Gods and the couriers end, i placed the order on the 25/03 and was marked as shipped on the 2/04. I didn't even get a chance to get a tracking number before it arrived on the 6/04 this is with priority shipping.

Surnames - 7/10
One of my ID's had the surname correctly aligned horizontally but was fractionally too close to the left side of the ID, however this is barely visible if you weren't looking for it. The raised text is nicely printed with no yellow burns but is a shade too dark compared with the real ID's surname. The text in general however is a shade too light more of a grey colour compared to the real ID, if these were switched around it would look perfect text wise.


Photos - 8/10
Photos were taken by a mate with his DSLR and lights on a plain white wall, they came out extremely high quality just to add some realism to the card I slightly pixelated the image. I also while i was there removed any shadows, while this isn't required as Gods team does it for you I just wanted to make sure.

The picture was perfectly faded into the card and is still 3-4x the quality of the real driving license picture but looks very believable nobody would struggle to identify if it was you. The expiry date on the picture is moved too far to the right where it should be in line with the edge of the picture to the left, but this is very minor and will make no difference in use.

Template - 9/10
Everything is aligned well with and would look 1.1 if you weren't looking closely, the only features that could be improved were the name being slightly too close to the top driving license.

Colours are done nicely but on the real dl it is a more vibrant pink and the driving licence and the EU flag are too faded of a blue, this is the same with the union jack which is almost perfect other than being slightly faded.

On the real dl on line 3. after the date of birth it mentions England rather than the United Kingdom on the god. This could just depend on where you are in the country though and makes no difference to the use of the card. Also this isn't a flaw with the ID but just a mistake I made ordering, On the real ID it has my middle name aswell as my first which i should of thought about when i was ordering.

On the back the template is perfect, its almost a 1.1 with even the correct gov codes that was mentioned in previous reviews.


UV Overlay - 4/10
Some of the UV is very accurate, this includes the flower branch on the front and half of the uv on the back but the flowers itself and the back different coloured uv the extremely faint. The uv is there on both parts of the id but seems to have been done using different ink which makes it incredible hard to see even in pitch black. If this could be fixed to the point that on the front the same uv used for the flower branch was used for the flowers it would be a perfect 1.1. The stars on the EU flag are also misaligned on the God ID with them being too high so they are easily visibly misaligned, I think that these could be removed completely as on the real ID it might of been my uv light but the stars aren't visible.

Real: https://imgur.com/a/NcaxB
Fake: https://imgur.com/a/Iqt8I

Holograms and Security Features - 6/10
Front hologram is too far too the right but the height is perfect, its design is almost 1.1 but slightly less reflective, the lecticular lens is the worst aspect of this card. Its not economically feasible to put a real one in but this one could be spoofed with lines across the picture. This is the main feature that if someone knows what to look for it will be rejected instantly.

Microprinting - 9/10
It is there and is is pretty accurate, it would pass anywhere and the only thing that could be improved is that it is slightly more visible than the real id.

Signature - 10/10
Perfect, he used my signature that i sent in on a piece of printing paper written with ball point pen. It looks even better than my real id that i had to scribble in a tiny box and send in.

Lamination - 9/10
Lamination is pretty much perfect, i can't see any major overhangs and there are only some very slight rough edges that can be smoothed down with some high grit sand paper.

It is the best Fake id on the market without a doubt, if some of the features could be improved in later versions it would become scarily realistic. In its current state it is very usable and you would have no problem especially in supermarkets, pubs and off licenses.

Picture: https://imgur.com/a/iA5qR

Also could anyone help me out and tell me what the reprint warranty actually covers your id for, thanks.