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Reviews and feedback of UK Fake IDs
Ordering - 10/10
Used zcash in the 70 sale and ordered on the 19th Jan. took about 2 weeks from ordering to arriving at my door on the 5th feb. Very good communication with tracking as well. Took only a few hours despite the time deference
Pricing - 10/10
worked out at 144 quid for 6 people. so 12 id's for 144? very very nice even if it was fair hard to get the zcash without any form of id
Shipping - 10/10
Ordered on the 19th January, shipped on the 31st of January and then arrived on the 5th February. Very quick and tracking number was given on request very quickly.
Stealth - 10/10
Stealth was amazing. was only in customs for all of 3 minutes before they were released and delivered to me. Package was fine and the id's were hidden well.
Raised Text - 9/10
Raised text rubbed off one of my mates cards fair easily but i suppose thats just him being a dickhead. Used the ol' nail varnish to sort them out and they all look alright now.
Photos - 9/10
used my canon camera and the photos are all photoshopped well. ear shadows on a few of them but there wasn't on mine. The photos do seem to be very high quality compared to the shit it looks like on the real id but otherwise is fine.
Template - 8/10
looks pretty much identical to the real thing. all the engravings are top quality and aligned to the real thing. only the fraying and shit but otherwise the template is decent.
UV Overlay - N/A
Don't have a UV light so cant say.
Holograms + security features- 10/10
This was fairly decent. holograms all perfect and the lenticular on the back all matched the photo on the front.
Signature - 10/10
All the signatures that we put down where all used. May be a little thin but otherwise look very good.
Laminate - 7/10
Some of the laminate was peeling at the corners of the id's but were otherwise pretty good. The edges of it were a bit frayed as well, but could be gotten rid of fairly easily
Presentability - 9/10
The id's are very shiny and some had a few scratches, but they otherwise looked like a brand new licence. I'm sure a bit of coins in a bag will sort it out.
Surnames - 7/10
None of the surnames where flying off to the moon, but all but 2 of the id's had the pink/black burn of the ink around the edge. Fucked one of mine using to much nail varnish but for my mates, i fixed them all now. Look like the real thing now.
Usability - 9/10
Not sure it will get me into a club as i look fair young, but for co op, tesco etc. it works fine
Pictures -
did you use a biro or marker
lbayl4 wrote:
Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:18 pm
did you use a biro or marker
used a black fountain pen. a lammy
lbayl4 wrote:
Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:18 pm
did you use a biro or marker
Biro is fine, go for fountain or sommet if you want it more stylised... But if you're not a faggit yeah biro