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ID G0D Batch 450XX Review

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Pricing - 10/10
I ordered using the 75% off ZCash code bringing my total down to £25. Fucking amazing price.

Shipping - 10/10
Ordered on the 31st of January, shipped on the 10th of February, arrive 15th of February. Wasn't stuck in Customs like many are currently. Slightly too big to fit through a letter box so was left in my safe place outside my home.

Stealth - 8/10
Stealth was great. Would've had a hard time explaining what it was to my parents if they got to it before I did, but they didn't. Had to dig deep for the ID's.

Surnames - 9/10
I was slightly concerned about the surnames on the cards, but they are in line and the raised text is brilliant. Extremely minor discolouration around the raised text but incredibly difficult to notice and nothing a bit of nail polish didn't fix.

Raised Text - 9/10
As stated above, raised text has extremely minor discolouration but everything that needs to be raised is raised and is incredibly hard to scratch off.

Photos - 10/10
I had passport photos taken and used that for my ID, photo came out great quality on the ID.

Template - 9/10
Everything is aligned on the ID and as it should be. ID is slightly lighter in colour than a real one but isn't noticeable.

UV Overlay - N/A
I don't have a UV light. Will update if tested.

Holograms and Security Features - 10/10
Aside from the lack of lenticular lens, everything is where it should be and engravings are brilliant. Hologram is top quality as well.

Signature - 7/10
Signature is very obviously computer generated, not too difficult to replicate though.

Lamination - 8/10
Slightly disappointed about the lamination as you can already see separation in the corners of the card, but it's nothing a nail file won't fix.

Presentability - 9/10
Looks brand new with minor scratches that are similar to what you'd get with general use.

Usability - N/A
Using it tonight, only in a supermarket, will update with results.

Overall - 9/10
Amazing cost, amazing shipping times, amazing quality. Would definitely recommend to anybody considering getting a g0d.

Pic -
diverge wrote:
Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:13 pm
Thanks for re-posting this, you got some photos you could add?
Editing the original post with them now.