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As we know, a killer flaw with the previous batch of FIDUKs DLs was the holo was a sticker on top of the ID which was very visible, although it seems it is less visible on newer batches, on my original it is incredibly obvious.

Until today.
My new batch arrived today and here is my review.


The Pros:
-the holo is finally flush with the laminate
-the laminate is a lot shinier, closer to real DL
-colour is better and more saturated
-text is still raised on new laminate
-card sturdiness/ thickness is still accurate

The cons:
-there are no engravings/microprinting
-colour still lacks that blue tinge in top right corner
-laminate sheet was slightly off placed (zoom in on photo, it hangs off very slightly)

In Conclusion
I think this batch is better than the previous however is still far from perfect. FIDUK has really listened to the feedback which is always good for market competition. Also as I side note I included no pictures of the back because it is exactly the same, the spoofed lenticular is still decent and is still better than g0ds currently.

For anyone interested in usability, I’ll be testing it in a few clubs this Friday and will report back in more detail over on /r/UKLeniency.
Yo bossman lmk how it goes with the clubs. Just received my batch to and the laminate hangs from my batch to but other than that looks great.
How did it go in clubs looking to buy one of these
just made a order from him today will see how long it takes for me to get it in my hands