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GOD V2 Review

Pricing - 10/10
Ordered a long time ago with the 50% off with bitcoin and 3 mates, this brought the price to about 35 quid each which is absolutely class

Shipping - 8/10
Shipping was a shitemare tbh, originally ordered on the 21st and was shipped the 29th which is rapid but it got seized, I then got a reprint sent out to a different address but this was also seized, and now finally my IDs arrived a few days ago. Giving it a high rating tho cause god was an absolute g about it and hooked me up when most other vendors would of just said its not their fault.

Stealth - 8/10
Stealth was decent, Gave me a good laugh. Obvs can’t discuss it too much

Surnames - 10/10
All my ids have correctly aligned surnames and look great, which I am really happy about because the ones that were seized probably didn’t

Raised Text - 9/10
Raised text looks really good but slightly weak so just gonna be hella gentle

Photos - 9/10
Took selfies on my phone using the passport photo app while sitting in the self service photo booths, looks really good apart from I have a slight ear shadow on my left ear but I can’t complain too much because god does these for the American ids

Template - 9/10
Everything is aligned on the ID perfectly apart from the table on my dupe is slightly squint (not too noticeable) also my mates id says the town and just randomly says street after it, will message god for a reprint after the holidays

UV Overlay - N/A
I don't have a UV light. Will update if tested.

Holograms and Security Features - 9/10
Apart from the lack of lenticular lens which is literally just printed on, everything is perfect the engravings and holos look A1

Signature - 10/10
He used my signature and it is perfect size and width (I used a fine marker pen on plain printer paper and took a picture on my phone in a bright room with no flash) however god used two different computer generated signatures for my mates that being said they both look realistic asf and you can’t tell its generated

Lamination - 8/10
Lamination is slightly short at one or two corners not noticeable without eye raping the card also feels like it might peel if you’re not careful putting it back in your wallet

Presentability - 10/10
Looks insane, almost 1:1. If you act the part at a lenient place I can’t see you being denied easily

Usability - so far 10/10
Used it twice at the same pub with different bartenders, both looked at it for all of 3 secs then asked me what I wanted, easy peasy.

Overall - 10/10
Insanely cheap cost, Class customer service, Amazing quality, Good shipping. Would definitely recommend to anybody considering getting a God, and to you god WHAT A FUCKIN GUY

Would you be able to give me a simple guide on what you did for the signature as I want mine to come out super good. Thanks.
lbayl4 wrote:
Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:27 pm
Would you be able to give me a simple guide on what you did for the signature as I want mine to come out super good. Thanks.
Yeah man, I just signed a plain piece of printer paper with a fine marker and took a photo in a brightly lit room, make sure it is well lit as I found flash can reflect sometimes so just use a bright room so you dont need flash, once you have the photo you are happy with I just cropped the photo so that it was just the signature, I then put it on my laptop and sent to god.

hope this helps
How did you know your ids had been seized? Had they been sat in customs for a while or did you get a letter?