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Pricing - 8/10
I think £50 is a fair price considering the vendor isn’t getting mass amounts of orders. It’s good for the quality and hopefully the price will decrease if he gets a large amount of buyers

Shipping - 10/10
Shipping was fast and only took 4 days once the ID was made. This is an amazing turn around instead of the 1 month i waited for my IDGOD

Stealth - 0/10
0 stealth at all, my mum was a bit confused to why i had a package with spanish stamps

Surnames - 7/10
Similar to my ID God, the first letters of my names don’t line up and the surname is more to the left than my first name, although it’s not that big of a deal.

Raised Text - 7/10
I was impressef that there was raised text, but the raised text has wording underneath it aswell, and it doesn’t line up 100% this therefore means that you can slightly see 2 of every letter, but it’s not that noticeable on the surname only on the 9th line where it says AM/B/f/k/q. In future, I don’t think the vendor should put the writing on the card and on the raised text too as it’s harder to line up.

Photos - 9/10
Can’t really complain about this tbh, only thing is is that my head isn’t as central as it could be. But this is 1000% an improvement on my IDGod picture as how Idgod edited it in black and white, it also made my face go black aswel and I was refused a reprint

Template - 7/10

Don’t have a real Id to compare it to, but it’s pretty similar to my ID god.

UV Overlay - N/A
don’t have a UV light

Holograms and Security Features - 6/10

The front hologram could be quite a give away about it being fake as it’s stuck on and not underneath, therefore making it more shiny than the rest of the ID. The rest of the holograms are good

Signature - 10/10
Drew my signature and it came out perfect. Can’t complain as God disregarded my signature and gave me a computer generated one.

Lamination - 10/10
My ID god is so shiny, it’s unbelievably fake. This ID has a realistic lamination and feels like the thickness of a real Id

Communication - 10/10
He responds very quickly, on the app wicker. Makes the purchase easier.

Usability - N/A
Going out next weekend will try it then.

Overall - 8/10
It looks a lot more realistic than my IDgod, but i feel like i have one of the worst IDgods that anyone has in my opinion haha. The turn around time of 4 days is worth the purchase
Thank you for the review geez, we're crying out for em.